When should I consider Bunion surgery?

When should I consider Bunion surgery?

At Greater Houston Foot & Ankle Specialists, we use conservative care to effectively treat a wide range of conditions. Sometimes, surgery does become a necessary option and this is especially true with problematic bunions.


To determine if it is time to consider bunion surgery, it is important to look at several factors. First, we want to make sure that conservative treatment methods have been adequately explored. If you find sufficient relief with orthotics, inserts, or bunion pads, then surgery is not needed. In addition, surgery is not performed on individuals with severe medical issues that pose a risk to surgery.


It’s time to consider bunion surgery when:

  • The bunion causes severe, persistent pain

  • You have limitations on normal, daily activities

  • You cannot wear reasonable shoes without pain

  • You are unable to straighten or bend the affected big toe

  • The big toe has constant swelling

Bunion Diagram

When it comes time to making a decision on bunion surgery, our doctors are highly skilled at Greater Houston Foot & Ankle Specialists. We will educate you on your bunion severity, review your x-rays with you, perform a full examination of your lower leg and foot, review your biomechanics, and give you a complete explanation of the treatment options you have. We make sure that you know what to expect with surgery.


To have your bunion evaluated by a specialist, make an appointment. We have four convenient office locations in The Woodlands, Kingwood, and Tomball.

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