Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are specifically designed to support and comfort your feet. Each one is tailored specifically for your feet. They are taken from a molding of your feet so the orthotic exactly matches the contour and shape of your foot. They are designed to correct how your foot moves during the different stages of walking.

Orthotics are only made after we thoroughly examine your feet, ankles, and legs. We will perform a gait analysis to evaluate how you walk and what your specific needs are based on foot structure and pathology.


Do I need Orthotics?

Orthotics benefit patients the most who have abnormal foot motion while walking or running. There are two primary types of abnormal foot motion: pronation and supination.

Pronation (overpronation) is typically caused by pes planus (flat feet). The orthotics to correct pronation focus on arch support to prevent excess foot motion.

Supination (underpronation) is most commonly caused by pes cavus (high arch). Orthotics for supination focus on shock absorption with increased foot contact area.


If you wear out shoes quickly, poor foot biomechanics are often the cause. See a professional to evaluate your feet and determine if custom orthotics are right for you.

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